Thursday, October 11, 2007

Slides for October 11 Test tomorrow

Here are the slides for today. Please choose a slide or slides to comment on. This is excellent studying material for tomorrows test.

Thanks Harbeck


Nick said...

I think it's going to be easy

paul_817 said...

i think its going to be easy too

kylee8-17 said...

I still don't really understand the clocks. So I will get some help with that. I'm so nervous for the test. I hope that it's not hard. So ya I'll check into the clock work.

paul_817 said...

i understand the clock work.

kylee8-17 said...

I get it now yay!!! I looked at the old clocks on the page and I understand now.

paul_817 said...

i am done the clock homework, it was easy

Tier 8-17 said...

I Chose to do the First Slide.

You only have to turn the Fractions to Pictures (or Clocks)
and add them together and you have your answer. for example 2/3 of 60 is 40 and 3/4 of 60 is 45, so 40+45=85. the first one equals 85 and the second one equals 90.
the second equation is larger.

kylee8-17 said...

Ok so what you do is you have 2 clocks and then you cut them into 12 pieces and whatever your number is,is the way you cut it and then you add up the minutes and put that number over 60 because a clock has 60 minutes so you might end up with a number like 45 over 60 or other numbers.

J said...

On slide 2. 3/10 + 1/3=38 minutes and 3/5 + 1/6=19 mintues!!so is the 1st one is larger.

Exequelle8-17 said...

2/3+3/4 < 5/6+2/3

2/3 of 60 is 40
3/4 of 60 is 45
=85 minutes in total

5/6 of 60 is 50
2/3 of 60 is 40

So doing this 2/3+3/4 < 5/6+2/3

judy817 said...

!!!!!slide 3!!!!!

we figured out that every time the number of people is divisable by 4, the number of subs needed is a whole number with no fractions. That's because each person gets 3/4 of a sub, and 4 is the denominator.
If you write how much subs __ people need using improper fractions, you just keep adding 3 to the previous fraction, and keep the denominator.

Akytrap said...

"slide 3"
We know that every person gets 3/4's of a sub. so you keep the denominator and keep adding 3 to the numerator.

3/4 ... 1person
6/4 ... 2people
9/4 ... 3people

or 3/4 + 3/4 = 1 1/2 for 2 people
1 1/2 + 3/4 = 2 1/4 for 3 people

mizz lipz said...

hi this is angel and i have to say 3/10 bigger because it's easy to cut into pieces ok :0P

mizz lipz said...

and plus i dont truley under stand them but i tryed the math so bye

xaznbabix817 said...

fraction fraction fracition WHOLE! fraction fraction fracition WHOLE! fraction fraction fracition WHOLE! LOl
the fractions have a pattern: every third fraction is a whole number because it is divisible by 4 equally and the denominator is always 4 :):)

kaяэп_817 said...

Slide 3

We figured out in class that every number of people that divisible by 4 will get a whole nubmer of a sub. If the nubmer of people isn't divisible by 4 the number of subs the people get will be a fraction and not a whole.

kaяэп_817 said...


josephine817 said...

Slide 1:
Which is larger 2/3+3/4 or 5/6+2/3?
For slide 1 I used a clock to find my answer.2/3 of the clock is 40 minutes and 3/4 is 45 minutes. Then you add 40 and 45 together which equals 85 minutes.If you put it in a fraction it would equal 1 5/12.
5/6 of the clock is 50 minutes.2/3 of the clock is 40 minutes.So you add 50 and 40 together which equals 90 minutes. In fraction form it would equal 1 6/12=1 1/2.
Therefore 5/6+2/3 is larger than 2/3+3/4.

charmaine817 said...

2 3rds of 60 is 40 minsbecause one third is 20. and add three fourths which is 45 mins because one fourth is 15 mins. Which equals 85 mins. the other problem is five sixth which is fifty mins because one tenth is ten minutesand two thirds is fourty mins because one third is twenty mins. So it equals 90 mins. the second equation is larger.

gaiLc_817 said...

i picked slide 2

3/10 + 1/3 < 3/5 +1/6
i think that 3/5 + 1/6 is bigger because it equals 46 minutes. and the other one: 3/10 + 1/3 = 38.

i got that answer because if you divide 60 / 10=6 then 6 times 3 (the numerator) = 18, after you divide 60 / 3. since the numerator is only one it equals 20, then you add 20 + 18 = 38.

now for 3/5 + 1/6. I got that answer because if you divide 60 / 5 it equals to 12 then you multiply it by 3. 3( the numerator) * 12 = 36, then if ou dived 60/ 6 = 10 so you dont multiply it by anything because the numerator is only one so you just leave it to 10 now you add it like this 10 + 36 = 46.

gaiLc_817 said...

BTW i think the test is going to be EASY :D

dhonell /. said...

for the pattern its every fourth number has a whole number .
1 2/4
3 3/4
and so on

Erick817 said...

YAY!! i get it! every time the #of people is 4 the fraction turns into a whole.its just a pattern too easy!