Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catfood and Fractions?

Here are the posters from today's math congress. I hope you will go to voicethread and leave a comment. We have a class account.
and the password is room## where you have math. In your comment talk about the strategy and what you understand. You need to pick a picture to talk about at voicethead, then comment.

Or you can comment on these slides from today's class.

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Have a great day off. Please comment and complete your growing post!!

Here are the slides from today.


judy817 said...

silde 4
It was great that you told us what your stratagy was, and the equations you used like $15.00/12=1.25 $23.00/20=1.15 but if you showed your work,for the equations to get 1.25 and 1.15, we could understand it better. Anyways, good job!

Exequelle8-17 said...

Slide 12
I liked how you showed how much of a diffrence there was in the numbers. I liked the formula you used and how you did it.
Good job!!

kaяэп_817 said...

slide 5

I understood how they used the divison. Where $23.00 is divided bym 20 cans. I also understood how they got to 60 as a denominator when they did LCD. They just found a common denominator. Then after they figured out that Maria's pet store you would be getting more cans and a cheaper price.

paul_817 said...

slide 5

I understood the way you did this. How you divided the cans by money.

xaznbabix817 said...

SLIDE 5 :)

i thought this one was really striaght foreward and easy to read. i understood everything on it and i used the same way to solve that question too: finding how much each can would cost by dividing the amount of money to the number of cans. lol :) good job! ;)

josephine817 said...

Slide 12

I liked slide 12 because they showed how they got the answer by dividing. They showed how they checked if it was right. And how much more you would have to pay if you went to Bob's Best Buys.

IsRaeLie_817 said...

Slide 12...

i like the slide 12 because they showed us like the formula they did and if maria or bob give a fair price like they said that bob charge a dollar more and stuff.for me, i think they explained their strategy well:))

kathleen817 said...

I LIKE .. slide 5 :)

I like slide 5 because i understand it better than the rest and its very simple .. like how you divide the cans by the money to see which deal is better.

jerome 8-17 said...

slide 16
i understand their stragery by finding out the dollar per pounds for each store.By finding that out i understodd how they got thier answers. it was a SUPER job o.o