Friday, October 5, 2007

Clock String Questions

Please choose a question from the clock string and explain it as a comment. Turn up your speakers and enjoy my voice.

Enjoy your weekend



judy817 said...
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judy817 said...

3/4 + 2/12

If you split a clock into quarters, each section has 15 minutes. So 3/4 is 15+15+15 which =45.
3/4(of an hour)= 45 minutes.

A clock has the numbers 1 to 12 on it, and each section, 12~1, 1~2,2~3, etc. is 5 minutes. So 2 of those sections is 5x2=10.
2/12 (of an hour)= 10 minutes

45+10=55 (minutes)

Exequelle8-17 said...

Split a clock into half, because 1/2 of an hour (60 minutes) =30

and 1/4 of a hour or 60 minutes = 15
in total it will all equal 30+15=45 minutes

J said...
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J said...

1/2 + 2/3= 1 hour and 20 minutes!

A half of a hour is 30 minutes so when u half a hour it is 1/2.2/3 is cut a clock in to 3 pieces and then shade 2 of them it is just like a clock.

karen_4 said...

1/6 + 1/2

1/6--- If you use a clock you have to split the clock in to 6 pieces, and if you do division you divide 60/6= 10. So then 1/6 = 10 minutes.

1/2--- If you use a clock you split the clock in half or 2 pieces, if you use division you divide 60/2= 30. So then 1/2 = 30 minutes.

Then you add the minutes together:
30(minutes) + 10(minutes)= 40(minutes)

PS-- (/) this means to divide!

xaznbabix817 said...


okaayyy so then 1/2 of a clock is half an hour which is 30 mins cause then an hour has 60 mins and if you divide that by 2 then it's 30
and then 2/3 of a clock is 40 mins cuase then if you split 60 into 3 it's 20- thats one third so if you take 2 thirds then it's 40 mins cuase 20+20+40 :)
so the answer to 1/2+2/3= an hour and ten mins cause 30 mins plus 40 mins is 70 mins:) which is 70/60?? and 6/7?? LOLOL :):)
-pce. :)

kyle817 said...

1/2 + 1/4

You split the clock int quarters, and each section has 15 minutes. 1/2 is 2 of those sections, because 1/2 equals 2/4. That equals 30 minutes.

Now you have 2/4 left, and 1 of those quarters equals 1/4. 1/4 equals 15 minutes.

30 minutes + 15 minutes equals 45 minutes, or 3/4/ of an hour.

Milly said...

1/6+1/2=50/60(5/6). See insted of adding the top, and bottom number together. You can use a clock. all you have to do is : eg.1/6+1/2so if you divid the clock into six pieces, and only tack one piece.So that would be 10/60, then cut the clock into half,and you will get 30/60.So then add the two top number's 30,10you will get 50,and keep the bottom number the same 50/60or 5/6. So it would be 50 minutes out of 60 minutes..........

IsRaeLie_817 said...


using a clock....
1/2...split the clock into a half because when u divide 60(because there are 60 mins in a clock)to 2, it equals to, 60/2= 30 mins

1/6...split the clock into 6 pieces because when u divide 60 to 6, it equals to, 60/6=10 mins...

then u add them together..