Sunday, October 21, 2007

IsRaeLie's first growing post

Which set of fractions is larger 1/2 + 1/6 or 1/4 + 7/12?

1/4+1/6 is larger because using clock, 1/4 is 15 mins and 7/12 is 35 mins and then you add them together it equals to 50 mins.

1/2+1/6, 1/2 is 3o mins and 1/6 is 10 mins and then you add them togther it equals to 40 mins.
So, it means that 1/4+7/12 is larger than 1/2+1/6

To get how many minutes is there in a fraction, you have to divide 60 ( because there is 60 mins in a clock) by the denominator and multiply it by the numerator.

In this bike race there was 60 km course .
Resting point:Every 1/8 of the way
Food wagon: Every 1/4 of the way
Water: Every 1/10 of the way
Juice: Every 1/5 of the way
Km markers:Every 1/12, 1/6 and 1/3 of the way
we had to label and show the math to see where there the staions and markers are on the course and we also had to draw a course.


This game is a equivalent fraction game like you have to match the fractions and the pictures that is equivalent fraction.

In Bike Race...
km marker:60 divided by 12=5
60 divided by 6=10
60 divide by 3=20
the pattern i see is that every time the
divisor is cut into half the the answer
is doubled.

What are 2 different ways to find a quarter and 3/4 of a number. Use one of the following 16, 22, or 110?

To find 1/4 of a number is to cut it into 4 pieces.Like 22 divided by 4 is 5.5
To find out 3/4 of a number is you do the same thing like before.Dividing it by 1/4, but this time you have to multiply it by 3 because you need 3/4. Like 22 divided by 4 is 5.5 then you multiply that by 3.

Fraction Question

1/3+1/4 is dones not equal 2/7
1/3+1/4 does not equal 2/7 because to add fraction, it should have the same denaminator.So then you have to find out the Least Common Factor(LCD) to get the same denaminator.OR

use a clock....

1/3 is 20 mins because I divide 60 by 3 and it equals 2o mins.

1/4 is 15 mins because I divide 60 by 4 and it equals 15 mins.

And then add them together it equals 35/60 mins and then reduce them and it equal 7/12.



IsRaeLie_817 said...

Scoring Guide

Title --------1/1
Label --------1/1
Question 3----5/5
Question 4/5--3/3
Question 6----5/5
Question 7----2/3
Question 8----3/5
Question 9----5/5
Question 10---7/7
Total 32/35

I think i did well in my pictures, like i tried to show the exactly thing i wrote.
I think i could improve on explainging the things better, so its easily to understand.

kaяэп_817 said...

Scoring Guide

Title 1/1
Label 1/1
Question 3 5/5
Question 4/5 3/3
Question 6 5/5
Question 7 3/3
Question 8 4/5
Question 9 5/5
Question 10 7/7

Total 34/35

I think Israelie did well on the pictures. I think she need to improve on explaining in words.