Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kevin's Algebra Scribe

Page 43, Algebra

1.Ms. Enigma said, “Five less let x = Ms. Enigma’s age.
than one third of my age is
14 is my age” How old is Ms.

The first thing that we do is make a sentence answer…..

Ms. Enigma is ______________ years old.
1/3x - 5= 14
To get ride of our integer we have 5to do some
Opposite operations.

1/3x – 5 = 14
1/3x +5 = 14

Now what we do to one side we do to the other.
14 + 5 = 19
x/3 is the same as saying 1/3
x/3 = 3(19)
3 times 19 = x = 57 Ms. Enigma is 57 years old

Our last step is to substitute to check

1/3x – 5 = 14
57/3 – 5 = 14
14 = 14

2.Suppose you have 5o dollars let x = the number of hours
And earn 8 dollars per hour. You must work
How many hours must you
Work until you have 170 dollars?
Now we make a one sentence answer……

You must work _______________ hours.
Hour 1= x _____________ = x = 15

Dollars per hour = 8x____ = 8(15) =
TOTAL= 8x + 50 170 dollars
- 50 ___-50___________
X= 15 8x = x 120
_____ _____ = 15 h
8 8
The last step is to substitute to check

8x + 50 = 170 dollars
8(15) + 50 = 170 dollars 170 = 170


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kathleen's Scribe

Questions 6-10

Israelie's Scribe

Questions 1-5


Chris' Scribe


Monday, May 5, 2008

1.) Isolate the VARIABLE
2.)Cancel the constant using its opposite (0)/0 pair
4.)Substitute to checkmark


Israelie's Scribe

Equation Solving --- Multiplying and Dividing ---

Steps to success...

1. Isolate the variable
2. Cancel the variable
Using its opposite x or /
to get 1 variable

2a.) - negative variables must be cancelled by - variables to create a positive variable
3. Balance

4. Substitute to check


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jordan's Pattern Investigation 2 Scribe

Car Repairs

2. Make a Table to Show the results of Your Investigation
3. Describe The Patterns Found In Each Row
Figure # - Start With 1, Increase by 1
# Of Repairs - Start With 1, Increase by 2

B. Describe Why The Patterns Increase The Way That They Do.
With every figure # your car needs two more repairs.

4. Describe
The Relationship Between The Two Columns
Multiply figure # by 2 then subtract 1.

C. Write An Algebraic Equation To Show This Relationship
Let X represent Figure # = 2X-1

5. Predict What The 20th, 35th and 99th digram will look like

20th - 2X-1 2x20-1 40-1 = 39
35th - 2X-1 2x35-1 70-1 =69
99th - 2X-1 2x99-1 198-1 =197

7. Make A Graph For The First 6 Terms And Label The Line According By It's Equation.

Harbeck's Training

2. Make a Table to Show the results of Your Investigation

3. Describe The Patterns Found In Each Row
B. Describe Why The Patterns Increase The Way That They Do.
4. Describe The Relationship Between The Two Columns
C. Write An Algebraic Equation To Show This Relationship
5. Predict What The 20th, 35th and 99th digram will look like
7. Make A Graph For The First 6 Terms And Label The Line According By It's Equation.

Kathleen's Scribe


Today In class we learned what are algetiles and how to us
e them. We also learned the terms, and how to combine like terms together.


A few Examples:

-Integers (Constant)

Combining Like Terms:
+1 -2

Erick's Scribe!

In class we were doing some investigations about patterns and relationships between them, and at the end of the investigation, we would have to find an algebraic expression that would work every time for the pattern!

Patterns and Relations investigations answer sheet!

Stuck In My Teeth!!!

(**Note, we had the information about the first few figures but i will draw out all five.)
First We had to:

1. Draw out the next two patterns in the space below.

See ain't that pretty? Now for the next step!

2. Make a table to show the results of your investigation.
This table will look very similar to a t-chart but it is turned around.

Now that the B-E-A utiful chart is done, we now go on to the next step!
Isn't it weird that "x" is on the bottom?

3. Describe the patterns found in each row.

y= toothpicks
Start with 3
Increase by 2 for each new figur

x=Figure # Start with 1
Increase by 1

b. Describe why the patterns increase the way that they do.

For every new figure , you get two new toothpicks!
that was easy right? Onto the next step:

4.Describe the relationship between the two columns.

Both of the Columns Increase

"x"=Figure # - Increase by one

"y"=Toothpicks - Increase by two

I know its a weird pattern but its the first one i saw and its the simplest!

Onto the next Step

c. Write an algebraic equation to show this relationship.

(WARNING, an expression is the one without the answer. An EQUATION is the one with the answer. Remember that!)

2x + 1 = y

Let "x" equal - Figure number
Let "y" equal - Toothpicks

MAN that was easy! did you get it? i thought so!

5. Predict what the 20th, 35th and 99th diagram will look like.

20th- 2(20)+1=41

35th- 2(35)+1 = 71

99th- 2(99)+1= 199

7.Make a graph for the first 6 terms and label the line according by its equation

Was that a little tricky? Not even!

Thanks for reading, please comment on any mistakes i have made or maybe you can compliment on my fabulous work!

Charmaine's Scribe

My Scribe:Algebra Test #1

Here are the first set of questions Mr.Harbeck gave us

1. 3x+8 - 3 times plus eight
2. 7x+5x - 7 groups of a number plus 5 groups of a number
3. 5(x+8) - five times the sum of a number and eight
4. 8-3x - 8 decreased 3 times a number
5. 9 centimeters less than three fourths of length X - 3/4x9
6. seven decreased by four times a number - 7-4x
7. 9 less than 3 times a number - 3x-9
8. four more then 8 times a number - 8x4+

On the second part of our test we had to do a graph, tee-chart
and find and algebraic equation for our problem.

Here was our question:

Here Is My Tee-Chart

Here Is My Graph

Now I am to show you how I ended up with these anwers
using my algebraic equation
Let x = Figure #
Let y = Number of Tiles
The Algebraic Equation is.....
x=figure #
-start with one
-increase by one
y=# of tiles
-start with four
-add three each time
That is my Algebra Test #1 Scribe
Thats practically what we did on the test.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Josephine's scribe post

How to find...
- Circumference of a circle
- Area of a circle
- Surface area of a cylinder
- Volume of a cylinder
Circumference of a circle - pi d (pi *d) OR pi 2 r (pi * 2 * r)
Area of a circle - pi r² (pi * r²)
Surface area of a cylinder -

area of circle = (pi * r²) * 2
area of square = H * C
surface area of a cylinder
Circumference = pi r 2 (pi * 2 * r) (also needed to find surface area of a cylinder)
Volume of a cylinder - area of the base * height

Voicethread of Yellow Paper:
coming soon...:)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rectangular Prism Test Scribe Q.1

find the surface area and volume of...

VOL= area of base x height

BASE: lxw=




16 x 4 = 64 cm3

SA= 2(hxl)+2(wxh)+2(lxw)=

SA= 2(16)+2(16)+2(16)=

SA= 32+32+32=


Monday, April 14, 2008

Karen's B.O.B

For Finding the Surface Area you just follow the fomula! 2(HxL) + 2(HxW) + 2(LxW)


Net of a Rectangular Prism:
Once you know the formula you can start filling in what you know.

Finding the Volume of a Rectangular is too. You just have to follow the fomula.


Now we can answer the fomula! By filling in the information we know!

gails bob

BOB - blogging on blog



Israelie's BOB

Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism

---H=2 W=2 L=4---




= 8+8+16

= 32 cm²

Volume of a Rectangular Prism

---L=5 H=2 W=2---

V= LxHxW
= 5cm x 2cm x 2cm
= 20cm³


area of the base x height
=10cm x 2cm
= 20cm³


Kathleens B.O.B

Surface area of a rectangle prism:

A way to solve this problem:

L= 12

W= 4

surface area(sa) = 2(hxl) + 2(hxw) + 2(lxw)
sa= 2(12x12) + 2(12x4) + 2(12x4)
sa= 2(144) + 2(48) + 2(48)
sa= 288 + 96 + 96
sa= 480 cm sqaured


Volume of a rectangular prism: