Thursday, May 1, 2008

Charmaine's Scribe

My Scribe:Algebra Test #1

Here are the first set of questions Mr.Harbeck gave us

1. 3x+8 - 3 times plus eight
2. 7x+5x - 7 groups of a number plus 5 groups of a number
3. 5(x+8) - five times the sum of a number and eight
4. 8-3x - 8 decreased 3 times a number
5. 9 centimeters less than three fourths of length X - 3/4x9
6. seven decreased by four times a number - 7-4x
7. 9 less than 3 times a number - 3x-9
8. four more then 8 times a number - 8x4+

On the second part of our test we had to do a graph, tee-chart
and find and algebraic equation for our problem.

Here was our question:

Here Is My Tee-Chart

Here Is My Graph

Now I am to show you how I ended up with these anwers
using my algebraic equation
Let x = Figure #
Let y = Number of Tiles
The Algebraic Equation is.....
x=figure #
-start with one
-increase by one
y=# of tiles
-start with four
-add three each time
That is my Algebra Test #1 Scribe
Thats practically what we did on the test.

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