Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kylee's First Growing Post

Which one is larger? 1/2+1/6 or 1/4+7/12
Okay so we know that these are both frations. What you have to do is you have to make two clocks. This is for 1/2+1/6. So then you cut the clock into two equal pieces to make 1/2 which will also equal 30 minutes so that is 30/60. Then for 1/6 you cut the clock into six equal pieces. You cut it at every ten minutes on the clock and that should give you six equal pieces. So 1/6 and one of those pieces is 10 minutes so it also equals 10/60. So now we know that 1/2 is 30/60 and 1/6 is 10/60. Okay moving on to 1/4+7/12. First you make two clocks again. Then for 1/4 you cut the clock into four equal pieces. One of those pieces equals to 15 minutes. So 1/4 is also 15/60 on a clock. Moving on to 7/12. You have to cut the clock into 12 equal pieces. Which is easy. Each piece is 5 minutes. So 7/12 is also equal to 5/60.
Now we have to figure out which one is bigger.
The answers: 1/2+1/6=40/60 1/4+7/12=20/60
And the winner is..........1/2+1/6

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