Saturday, October 13, 2007

alicia's BOB

What was the hardest thing about this unit?
The hardest thing about this unit is all that subbing. It was hard because we had so many different number of people and different number of subs and sometimes you couldn't divide them equally without making finger sandwiches cause then you wouldn't be able to enjoy the " sub expierience" LOl :)

What do you understand now that you did not understand before?
What i understand now that i didn't understand before was that you can use clocks to add fractions EASY. :) who knew clocks were such good fraction adding tools?

If you had to teach your parents something about fractions what would it be and how would you do it?
If i was going to teach my parents something about fractions it would be about adding them. I would use the clock to teach them because it's easy to use and understand. The clock is so useful because we use it everyday so it's pretty familiar with us.
For example, if i was going to teach them how to add 1/4 and 5/12, i would ask them how many ,minutes is 1/4 of a clock? and to find that out, i would tell them to divie 60 by 4 becuae there are 60 mins in an hour and you need 1/4 so you would have to divide that into 4 which is 15. so 1/4 of an hour is 15 mins.
And the i would do the same for 5/12 which is 25 mins because 60 divided by 12 is 5 and is you take 5 of that, then it's 25 mins.
So 15 mins + 25 mins = 40 mins of an hour. in a fraction, it's 40/60
So that means it 1/4 + 5/12 = 4/6
See? it's sooo easyyy :)

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