Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Karen's Scibe Post

Well I'm going to talk about Maria's Big Trip! I will be talking about how my partner and I got our answer

1. How many gallons of gas and what fraction of a full tank of gas did Maria use on the turnpike driving from her house to Lance's house.

Well since we knew that for 495 was a full tank we figured out how much miles would be in 1 gallon. So then we used a ratio table to figure this.

Then to figure our how much gas we got we subtracted Maria's house from Lance's house to get how many miles it takes from her house to his. But we got the answer wrong for how many gallons he uses. We put 3 instead of 3 1/3.

2. What fraction of a full tank of gas did she use on the turnpike driving to the combined distance from her house to Lance's house to Alicia's house? 3. How much time will she spend driving on the turnpike when she drives back home to Philadelphia


judy817 said...

I liked how you organized your explainations, and added pictures to show what you were talking about! good job!

Mr. H said...

Nice Job Karen. I like the way you showed the ratio tables


mizz lipz said...

wow!! you guys raelly knocked the senes into math i mean cramb it all in me haed. and i get you ratio table:0P