Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Judy's Scribe Post

This the poster Marcus and I made for "Maira's Big Trip."
1)How many gallons of gas and what fraction of a full tank of gas did Maria use on the turnpike driving from her house to Lance's house?
We first subtracted the mile marker near Lance's house(242)from the mile marker near Maria's house(352): 352-242=110 so it takes 110 miles to get from Maria's to Lance's. Then we took 110miles and divided it by 33, because her car gets 33miles/gallon. 110/33= 3.3333333 etc... Since her car has a 15 gallon gas tank, she uses 3.3/15 gallons of gas to get from her house to Lance's.

2) What fraction of the full tank of gas did she use on the turnpike driving the combined distance from her house to Lance's to Alicia's house?
We did the same thing as the first question, except with different numbers. To find out how much gas it took to get from Maria to Alicia's house, we subtracted Alicia's mile marker (55) from Maria's mile marker: 352-55=297 it's 297 miles from Maria's house to Alicia's house. Then divide that by 33, 297/33=9. It takes 9/15 gallons of gas to get from M. house to A. (3/5 gallon)

3)How much time will she spend driving on the turnpike when she drives back home to Philadelphia?
We know that it takes 1hour40minutes to get from Maria's to Lance's (110 miles)
so we can use a chart to write out different amounts of time we can find from that 1h40m:
(x2) 110=220miles 1h 40m= 3h20m -time
(/2) 110=55miles 1h 40m=50m - time
(55 miles /5) 55=11miles 50m=10m -time
(11 miles x2) 11=22miles 10=20m- time
so we need to add up the miles (above) so the #'s = 297 which is the distance from A's to M's
miles: 220+55+22=297
times: 3:20+:50+:20= 4:30
It takes 4 hours 30 minutes to get from Alicia's house to Maria's house.


Mr. H said...

Judy what are the 3 questions? Could you edit this and then put in the questions in a different colour.

Thanks Great Job.


mizz lipz said...

hi ti Ang here and im saying that wow there is allot of math done here there is so much that me haed hurts a little. but wow :0P