Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Erick's Scribe Post

I will now be explaining how me and Karen got the answers for questions 1-3 on "Maria's BIG trip"

1)How many gallons of gas and what fraction of a full tank did Maria use on the turnpike driving from her house to Lance's house?

First off we needed to know what 1 gallon was so it was already on the sheet. So 1 gallon = 33miles.
So if you know the distance for 1 gallon you can know the distance for any distance under 495, because 495 is the maximum distance you can go in a full tank of gas. We might go back to the fractions later. Now we need to figure out how many miles it takes to go to lances house. Since there are mile markers this is very simple. You just subtract the mile markers together. so it is
352= Maria's Mile Marker
242= Lance's Mile Marker
Now we did the fraction wrong for #1 it was supposed to be 3 1\3


What fraction of the full tank of gas did she use on the turnpike driving the combined distance from her house to Lance's to Alicia's house?
This one is very simple

In number one we already know that it takes 110 miles to go to Lances and it takes up 3 1/3
So it will look like this

Maria---------Lance 110 Miles THIS DISTANCE WILL TAKE 3 1/3 GALLONS

All we need to do now is subtract Alicia's Mile Marker by Maria's Mile Marker.

55= Alicia's Mile Marker
352=Maria's Mile Marker
It will look like this

Lance------------Alicia 297 Miles

And Last we need to know The distance from Lance to Alicia.(Well actually we don't need this info)

242= Lance Mile Marker
55= Alicia's Mile Marker

-~-~-~-~-~ Alicia187 Miles


How much time will she spend driving on the turnpike when she drives back home to Philadelphia?

Okay so I already know that it takes 1 Hour and 40 minutes or 100 minutes to go to Lance's House.

So all we need is the time from Alicia's to Lance's.

So we went 100 mins /10=10 x7 = 70 minutes
Then We Added 100 To It.
So It Would Be 170.
So if you add them together it would be 270. And if you could make that number into a amount of time it would be 4 Hours and 30 minutes


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