Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kylee's Pythagoras Growing Post


Question #1

A, B, and C are the numbers that are used for the pythagorean triple. A pythagorean triple is when you have a right angle triangle and it's formula is a²+b²=c². The C is always the hypotenuse. A and B can be either leg except not on the hypotenuse leg. The hypotenuse is the side where the right angle is pointing to the leg.

In this picture shown on the left. I drew 3 squares that are all joined together making a triangle in the middle of them.

In the 3 squares there are 3 numbers. Each square has a number in it.




Then after you have all of that you have to times all of the numbers by two, because of their squared. 6²=36, 8²=64, and 10²=100. Those are what all of those numbers are equaled to.

Question #2

This is the website with my voicethread on it. The voice thread has How to Find the Missing Leg and How to Find the Missing Hypotenuse.

Question #3

Le Frog

Le Frog stands 1.5 meters from a wall where a fly is 2 meters up. if Lefrog's tongue comes out of his mouth 70 cm from the ground, how far does his tongue have to stretch to eat the fly ?

Question #4

Sylvester the Cat is very

sneaky. He thinks that he can get tweety bird out of it's cage without tweety even noticing. To get tweety bird Sylvester has to get there. There are 2 legs one labeled 5m the other labelled 2.1m. How far will Sylvester have to go to get tweety bird?

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