Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kevin's Pythagoras Growing Post

?? What is the Pythagorean therom ??

Three unknown numbers, a, b, and c that satisfy a2+b2=c2 is a pythagorean triple.
lets say that we have a2 + b2 = c2
A2 is 6 but we dont know the other b2 and c2

A2 = 6
B2 = ?
C2 = ?

{ Lets say that we know what all of these are. }

A2 = 6
B2 = 3
C2 = 8

Diagram: .......

This is what it would look like if we drew it with the Pythagoram Theroem.

This is my bubble share on how to find a missing leg,and hypoteneuse. It is going to explain the process to find the missing.....

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March 18

In class today we worked on word problems. Each of our table groups had a problem either A, or B. Once we figured it out in our green paper we went to a diffrent group with the opposite problem and shared how we got the answer.

My group worked on question A and we came up with this answer....

Our problem was to find a missing Hypotenuse.
If you are locked out of your house you have to get a ladder from yournabour.
your window is 25ft high above the ground and you place the ladder 10 ft away
from the house what would be our missing lenght?

We started by finding out what our formula is going to be.
a2 + b2 = c2
We are using this fromula because we are
finding a missing Hypotinuese.

a2 = 25 2
b2 = 10 2
c2 = ?

25 2 = 625
10 2 = 100
c 2 = ????

Now we can add what we know which is 625 and 100.
625 + 100 = 725

There fore:
625 + 100 = 725
c = 725

The square root of 725 is c
Now we - 729 and 676 to get the denominator.

26 ? / 35
Our numerator is going to be...
725 - 676 = 49

26 49 / 35 Now we can make this into a decimal estimated to the nearest hundredth.

26 . 92

Diagram .....

Our FINAL answer !

This is the final part of our Pythagoras growing post. This is the question i thought of....

An Architect is designing a cottage and he needs two windows to fit in the top right and left hand corner of the roof. He knows A, which is equal to 5 and B, is equal to 7 but he dosent know the measurement of the last angle. What is the hypotneuse??

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