Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tier's Scribe Post

Today in class, we were introduced to a new investigation. The investigation was explained to us in a SlideShare exactly like the one below.

As the SlideShare said, there are two lots with the same measurement in Brooklyn where playgrounds are going to be constructed. One lot is in a neighborhood called Carroll Gardens and the other one is in a neighborhood called Flatbush.
The plan for Carroll Gardens was, 3/4 of the empty lot will be a playground. And 2/5 of that playground will be a blacktop.
As for Flatbush, the plan was to construct a playground 2/5 of the lot. And 3/4 of that playground will be a blacktop.

At the end of the slideshow, we were asked these three questions:
- Is one neighborhood getting more blcktop than the other?
- Is there more blacktop space in one lot than the other lot?
- How would you convince the people in the two neighborhoods that your conclusion is correct?


judy817 said...

awesome post, Tier!

kaяэп_817 said...

nice job on the post tier!