Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ericks scribe

In class today we learned about multiplying fractions.

(For example in class we did 2 11/13 x 3 3/4)

  • First we convert the mixed fraction to improper fractions(small denominator big numerator).

((P.s the easy way to get a improper fraction is
Denominator x whole number + numerator= improper fraction

Okay so now the problem should now be
7/3 x 15/4

  • Now we have to multiply the numerators
But wait..... 7 x 15???? too much work sooo we do the wife swap so now its 15 /3 x 7/4 orrr 5/1 x 7/4. Nowww its 5 x 7 or 35!!!!

  • Now we multiply the denominators!!!

Now this will be pretty easy 1 x 4 = 4

Nowwww what you all have been waiting for ... the answer is ... 35/4????

And thats when we go to our final step which is....


soo we do THIS....!!!!???

And our new answer is gonna be 8 3/4
So to summerize what we have learned,....
1. we have converted mixed numbers into improper numbers,....

2.we have multiplied numerators (and we also learned the numerator swap or "Wife Swap",.....

3.and we have converted a mixed fraction back into a improper fraction using the long division trick..

and i think thats the end of my scribe take cake PEACE!!!


Akytrap said...

Great job eric you realy explained your answers well.

judy817 said...

i agree with kevin! you did a great job, erick!