Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nick's L's Scribe

Today in class we reveiwed our strategies. Are strategies were the lock,ratio table,money, double number line and common denominator.

We had to list all the factors of 60 in ascending order. We did this over and over for every strategie.


We then answered some question.
3/4 + 2/12 2/3 + 6/20 7/12 + 3/10



3/4 + 1/5 13/20 + 1/4 3/5 + 7/10

Double Number Line
(common denominator)

Ugly Fractions

To use this strategy you must multiply the denominators to get the common denominator.

3/8 + 7-11

33/88 + 56/88
(8 * 11=88)

4/9 + 1/4 = 6/17 + 3/5 4/13 + 2/3


judy817 said...

I liked your post, but we didn't use ratio tables today.... and you should show pictures of the double numberlines. anyways, good job!

Mr. H said...

Nick pictures tell 1000 words. You should try to include a few. You should also not include your last name in your posts. I will delete it for you this time. Thanks for scribing

kaяэп_817 said...

nice work nick! Your work was nice...but I think pictures would help people that are away. Well..good job!

IsRaeLie_817 said...

uhmm..good job nick..but you should have show some pictures so people could understand it better:))

josephine817 said...

nice post:) but i think if you added some pictures we could've understand it more.. but yah good job!:)

jelly07 said...

good job nick! you explained things good i guess but then people would of understood more is there pictures to show the easy ways and stuff like that! well GOOD JOB ;)