Thursday, January 31, 2008

IsRaeLie's ScribePost

Questions 1-4:))

Question #1:

There are 24 hours in a day and scientists tell us that we should sleep for 3/8 of the day. How much time should we spend sleeping?

Question #2

The National History Museum has collected 125 dinosaurs. George has collected 3/5 of this amount. How many dinosaurs has George collected?

Question #3

Mr. Murrin is 160cm tall and his brother Tom is 7/8 as tall as him. How tall is Tom?

Question #4

The weather forecaster says that it is 20° C in London but only 7/10 as hot in New York. How hot is it in New York?



judy817 said...

nice colors! haha and your math work was awesome too. your pictures helped show your thinking and explaining so good job! :)

kaяэп_817 said...

nice work!! like the pictures!! they really stand out!! like the math work too! good job (: