Monday, December 17, 2007

Dorian's 2nd Growing Post

For the puppy kibble test I used the multiply and divide strategies, and I also used fractions like cirlce graphs but with containers.
I think another one would of been more helpful like just dividing the fractions in different ways like the same answer but get it a different way.
I would first see how many cups each ingredient is, then I would see if all of them ca go into six cups to make the snack mix.

2/3 + 1/4 +2/5 = 5/12 I added both numerators and both denominator and
looked to see what they each amounted to.

3/5 + 2/7= 5/12 I did the samething as I did for question one
I added both numerators and both denominators and it came out to be the
sme answer as question one.

1/6 + 1/9= 2/15 for this question I added the denominator and the numerator to
get the answer(I did the reverse of question one and two).

5/6 - 1/4= 4/2 I subtracted the numerator and the denominator to get the answer
(I did the same thing as number three but I just subtracted it instead of adding them)

(1) they will each get two peices for the whole pizza as you can see they will each get 3 peices each( 3/4) of a pizza

(2) they will ech get 1/2 a peice for each pizza, because they each go into the pizza every
1/2 a peice

(3) they each get one peice of pizza, so there is no leftovers because if you give them 2 peices each there won't be enough pizza for all of them

(4) they each get three peices of pizza because they go into the pizza two times

group four would of ate the most peices out of all them i drew pizzas on paint and looked for how many peaople went into the pizza with no leftovers.

I think I should of explained it more to show what I did.
i divided the amount of pizza with the amount of people and got the answer
which is how many peices each person in the group
will get.

go to voicethread to see pictues


nikki817 said...

Hello Dorian.
Great job on typing up what you did and how you got the answers... But i suggest that you like.. Add the pictures and than answer it so it would be easier for people to know what your getting at. And so that they dont have to go to voicethread.
I give you 8/10 because you didnt have your pictures with your work, instead you put it on voicethread. and you need to improve that. :)

gaiLc_817 said...

Growing Post Question 1 Betty's Snack Mix Total (15 marks)

Answers all questions 4 marks (1 per Question)

Quality of Answers 7 marks

10= Perfect
8= Great Job but there is room for improvement
7= Good Job but there is much room for improvement
6= Decent job but you need to work harder
5= All work is done but effort is lacking
Less than 5 would be for questions answered incorrectly and without effort and incomplete.

Growing Post Question 2 (10 marks)

Embeds the voicethread after question 0 (1 mark)
Creates the Voicethread to answer Question 0 (1 marks)
Add Comments to further elaborate on the strategies used 0 (1 per comment left) Max 4 marks
Math work is correct in the voicethread 3 (4 Marks)

Bonus marks for any person doing more than 4 questions (2 marks)

Growing Post Question 3 (14 marks)

Uses Pictures or a voicethread to answer the question 0 (3.5 Marks)
Explains the 7 strategies using 7/8 and 11/12 6 (7 Marks)
Comments on the voicethread (3.5 marks .5 per comment)

Question 4 Sharing Pizza's (15 marks)
Clearly shows How much pizza does each student get in the different groups? 3 (4 marks)
Shows which group gets the largest portion of Pizza 2 (2 marks)
Show how you found your answer in 2 different ways. 2 (4 marks)
What strategies did you use in finding your answer. Student must show strategy and explain how it was used. 2 (2 marks)
Added comments on voicethread or added detail to explanations (3 marks)

Total Math Work (54 marks)

Formatting (21 Marks)

Proper title 2 (2 Marks)
Proper labels 3 (3 marks)
Only one post and no drafts left in dashboard 2 (2 marks)
Questions are in the proper order 4 (4 Marks)
Post looks pleasing 9 (10 Marks)

Pictures are lined up, text is left justified etc

The post looks professional and not piecemeal.

Completing Self Evaluation and leaving a comment 0 (10 Marks)
Completing 2 Peer Evaluations Leaving comments on the Growing Post and Voicethreads (20 marks) 10 marks per student 15

Total Marks for Growing Post 68/105 not including the late deductions ( 105 Marks)

Growing Post Completed on time 0 mark deduction
Completed 1 day late 10 mark deduction
Completed 2 Days Late 15 Mark Deduction
Completed more than 2 days late 20 Mark Deduction