Monday, April 14, 2008

Exequelle's BOB

Surface Area of A Rectangular Prism
The surface area is the area of all the sides added up, how much area the object has.
A net is how an object would look if it was flattened. It would look like this. From a rectangular prism into its net.

Now to answer the question you have to use the formula:
2(W*H)+ 2(H*L) + 2(L*W)= The surface Area.
W= 8cm2
L = 4cm2
H = 1cm2

Basically you just fill in the all of the blanks.

2(W*H)+ 2(H*L) + 2(L*W) =
2(8cm2 x 1cm2) + 2(1cm2 x 4cm2) + 2(4cm2 x 8cm2) =
2(8cm2) + 2(4cm2) + 2 (32cm2) =
16cm2 + 8cm2 + 64cm2 =
Surface Area = 88cm2
Another way is to add up all of the areas of each rectangle in the net:
32cm2 + 32cm2 + 8cm2 + 8 cm2 + 4cm2 + 4cm2 =88cm2

Volume of a Rectangular Prism
Volume is how much space the object takes up.
The formula to find the volume of a rectangular prism is:
(W x L) x H = Volume
W = 8
L = 4
H = 1
Again you plug in the numbers.
(W x L) x H = Volume
(8 x 4) x 1cm =
(32) x 1 =
Volume = 32cm3
Another way to do this is B x H. If you didn't know the base is Width x Length.
Base = 32 Height = 1 32 x 1 = 32cm3

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