Monday, April 14, 2008

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The Surface Area Of A Rectangular Prism!

Surface area
is all
of the areas on all of the sides added up on a solid figure such as ( in our case) a rectangular prism.

This is called a net. --------------------->
Nets are made out of shapes like this cube.
This is how you would change a cube into a net:
Heres how to get the surface area of a rectangular prism:

We know that there are two 6cm squared, two 2cm squared and two 3cm squared.
This is what it looks like: ( don't forget the formula)

2(6cm squared) + 2 (6cm squared) + 2 (3cm squared) Now do some math
36cm squared + 4cm squared + 9cm squared =
49cm squared.

A longer way to do it is like this:

(6x6) + (2x2) + (3x3)
36 + 4 + 9 =
49cm squared.

Volume Of A Rectangular Prism

Lets say that we are trying to find the volume of a rectangular prism.

L = 6
W = 2
H =2

Here's how you solve it.

L x W x H = (6cm squared x 2cm squared) x 2 cm squared =
24 cm squared.

Multiple methods to show this are

Length x width x height ( height also known as depth)
or you could use
Area of base x height

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Erick817 said...

Nice pictures! I like the one where it shows the 3-D object turning into a net. And you have some surprisingly BIG fonts Well Done!!